Not Too Hot

by mudwerks



Something a little different, a ska-oriented uptempo piece that I wrote many years ago. Most of my early songs seemed to end up as apocalyptic nightmares where everybody dies, in this case by the earth heating up too much - cooling down too much - and then blowing shit up. Ahead of its time.


It’s too hot in this town all the time
It’s too warm in my bedroom all the time
There's fire in the pavement at this time
Don't get too close to white cars - make you blind

I keep seeing the same thing every time.
There's cold in their eyes but skin is hot
They're burning on the inside – a coal mine
A fever keeps you from thinking - close the blinds

Keeping the ballast down, throwing your clothes around
Chasing the bugs away, too hot they want to stay

Lightning strikes your forehead - knocks you down
Thunder rips your ear drums - close them down
It’s too wet for these people in the town
They got to get away 'fore them drown

There is no place for shelter from the rain
No place to get away - run away
Their eyes are filled with water - they are blind
Their ears just hear the dripping all the time

Foundation settles down, the structures move around
Big city melts away, the bugs are gone today
They have no heating now, the cold keeps chilling now
The earth stops spinning now, no air for breathing - aaahhhhhh!

The wind it still keeps blowing - blowing dry Temperature is rising - keep it dry
Earth is start to cracking - break away
There is no place to stand at this time

It’s not too hot no more in this town
The people do not live here anymore
The smell of death still lingers all around
There is no adaptation any more any more


released June 22, 2016



all rights reserved


mudwerks Tucson, Arizona

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