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released March 5, 2013



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mudwerks Tucson, Arizona

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Track Name: Leave Him Alone
Three alcoholics sit in back of the shed
One with a book, one who wished he was dead
But don’t say it
Just leave it alone

Hey diddle diddle, see the back of his head
See where it hit him, see the spot where its red
So don’t touch it
Just leave him alone

They left a trace that will show
A little clue so you’ll know
Quietly speaking words filled with wrath
Silent and sure, the narrow path

5 minutes later when they got to the store
A cop saw the shovel and they ran out the door
But don’t get it
Just leave it behind

Man in the middle stops and tries to explain
Sounds like a riddle but he might be insane
But don’t think it
Just leave him alone
Track Name: Victim
In your eyes, in your eyes no compromise, no surprise
Close those eyes, close those eyes and analyze, criticize, realize

That there’s a lifetime thrown away, every day
People go astray
And there’s a reason to feel betrayed – It’s OK

Shutting down, shutting down, antagonize, and revise
Falling now, falling down into those eyes, purifies, magnetize,
Revitalize, intensifies, might cauterize, close those eyes

Cause I’m a victim - of society - don't blame me It’s really not my fault X 2
I’m just a symptom - of entropy – it’s not due to me

I’m a victim undone
No control of my situation


Shutting down, shutting down, antagonize, and revise
Track Name: Take it Down
The filter knows your mind
the words will show in time
the crackle-smell will tell your future (it unwinds)

pinholes of light to see
the type of life you lead
The counter burns through turns and twists of time

what you do I’ll follow
where you go tomorrow
I will be there every time
say the line

take it down - bend it round - make it flow
take a while - walk it slow - forgot to say hello
take it down now and think...think a little bit
take it down now and slide..slipping out of it
Track Name: Still Underwater
I'm underwater
and something's pulling me down
Still underwater
but I'm not ready to drown
Track Name: Your Eyes
I can see your eyes, shining against the night
Can feel your skin, pressing against me tight
Can hear your voice, calling me back to you
And feel the depth of you

Now I miss the thrill of hearing you call my name
Your voice is still, turning my heart away
And still I come, waiting to get to you
I need the sum of two
Track Name: Leave it to Chance
Got something to give you
Something I know
Got something to tell you
Does it show?

You’re something that haunts me
Substance that burns
Got something that taunts me
Never learns

Leave it to chance
Tale of a romance
We never dance – til dawn
We never hold hands

Got something to show you
Something to tell
Not sure that I know you
All that well

So close you can hear it
Feeling the buzz
Can’t risk getting near it
What it was

Chorus X 2

Stuck in the dark Stuck in the mirror
Connect in the park Feeling hope mixed with fear
Track Name: Had Enough
Had enough, had a big chunk of love
Then I threw it all away and made an ashtray with your stuff
Took a piece, took a big part out of me
When you threw it far away you took the light and kept the key
But I kept the card
Where you wrote, pressing so hard - so sincere

Had Enough, Had Enough of your drama and pain
No we can’t be friends, you won’t see me again
Just take enough, just enough of the past to get by
When it’s over and done you’ll fly

Look at me; take a good look right at me
You won’t see that look again, the one that takes your destiny
Take it down, pull it down and leave it be
Take out all those little things that trigger busted memories
But I’ll keep that card
Cause you wrote, pressing so hard - so sincere


But I kept the card
Where you wrote, pressing so hard – so sincere

Had enough and I’m done – goodbye x 2

But I’ll keep that card
Cause you wrote, pressing so hard - so sincere